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The Crop Capsules Company provides biological control solutions for broad-acre crops. We specialise in the targeted, mass distribution of beneficial parasitic wasps, which are used to suppress pest insects in cotton, corn, and canola.

At The Crop Capsules Company, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative and sustainable solutions for crop protection.

Aerial Operators

  • Safe.
  • CASA compliant.
  • Pilot designed easy-to-use controller.
  • No messy liquid insecticides to store and handle.
  • A non-toxic, natural product.
  • Fast turnarounds and re-loads during busy periods.
  • Improved utilisation of your fleet assets. Crop capsules proprietary hopper is compatible with most popular Cessna general aviation aircraft.
  • Fast installation and end of season removal.
  • Aerial operators can now precision place a capsule deep into a crop, down to ground level, delivering thousands of beneficial parasitic wasps in close proximity to damaging insect pest eggs.
  • Provide your customers the re-assurance they need with individual capsule precision placement co-ordinates.


Prevention and suppression of insect pests is critical to your yield potential and financial return.

A carefully timed application of crop capsules into your field will give you a proven solution and, potentially season-long protection from pest insect populations.

The benefits of a crop capsules biological control solution include;

  • Reduced chemical use.
  • No potential for drift and off target application.
  • Rapid introduction into the crop.
  • Natural.
  • Season-long protection.
  • A “biological investment” in a dynamic, mobile, regenerative form of crop protection.

At Crop Capsules we understand the effort and energy growers put into bringing the best quality crop to market.


We’re always interested in meeting like-minded businesses or individuals to discuss opportunities for growth and collaboration in the crop protection market.

Invest in the sustainable future of agriculture with Crop Capsules’ biological control systems.


Internal research and quality control are at the heart of the Crop Capsules business. We believe continued efforts into foundation science areas will help us improve biological control solutions and mass beneficial insect delivery and release systems.

Some of our in-house research and development areas include:

  • Field trials to investigate beneficial insect emergence, survival, vigour & parasitism rates.
  • Laboratory trials to determine the most suitable & sustainable polymer chemistry for capsule development.
  • Predictive analytics covering integrated environmental data and insect population modelling.

If you’re an applied researcher and would like to help shape a more sustainable future for biological control in the broad-acre crop sector, contact us today.

"I've been using Crop Capsules for a while now, and I'm really impressed with how well they work. I've been able to reduce my reliance on chemical pesticides, and my cotton crops have been healthier and more productive than ever."

"Crop Capsules are a great product to work with. The capsules are easy to load and apply, and the results are excellent. My customers are very happy with the way that Crop Capsules have helped them to suppress Silverleaf Whitefly populations in their cotton crops."

"Crop Capsules are a significant innovation in the field of biological control. The system is effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly. I am confident that Crop Capsules will play an important role in the future of sustainable agriculture."