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What We Do

The Crop Capsules Company is empowering farmers with cutting-edge, preventative biocontrol solutions to enhance crop protection and reduce reliance on chemical insecticides by mass-releasing beneficial insects in broadacre and horticultural crops.

Aerial Operators

  • We have a network of approved aerial operators and light aircraft fitted with capsule-spreading technology.
  • Non-toxic, natural product that is safe to handle
  • CASA compliant
  • Pilot-designed easy-to-use controller
  • Fast turnarounds and reloads during busy periods
  • Improved utilisation of your fleet assets: Crop Capsules’ proprietary hopper is compatible with most popular Cessna general aviation aircraft.
  • Fast installation and end of season removal
  • Aerial operators can now precision-place a capsule deep into a crop, delivering thousands of beneficial parasitic wasps in close proximity to damaging insect pests
  • Provide your customers the reassurance they need with individual capsule precision placement coordinates


When you choose to execute a carefully timed application of Crop Capsules, you are minimising pest damage and thereby maximizing yield potential and financial return.  Crop Capsules give you the option to reduce chemical usage without compromising yield, agroecosystem equilibrium, or increasing the risk of insecticide resistance development.

Benefits of using Crop Capsules:

  • Reducing, delaying, or eliminating the need for chemical insecticides.
  • No impact on non-target species and other beneficial insects.
  • Preventing the buildup of resistance to chemical insecticides.
  • No risk of drift or off-target application.
  • Cost-effective pest management.
  • Quick and convenient distribution.
  • Promoting eco-friendly cotton farming by protecting soil health and water quality.


We welcome the opportunity to connect with businesses or individuals interested in exploring growth and collaboration in the biological crop protection market. Please get in touch!


Research and quality control are central to the Crop Capsules business. To expand our offerings and continue optimising capsule efficacy, we invest in foundational science and pioneering research into biological control solutions and mass delivery and release systems.

Our in-house research and development areas include:

  • Field trials to investigate beneficial insect emergence, survival, vigour, dispersal, parasitism rates, pest suppression and damage reduction.
  • Efficacious parasitoids that aren’t yet commercially reared in Australia.
  • Laboratory trials to determine the most suitable and sustainable polymer chemistry for capsule development and design.
  • Innovative capsule release systems by air.
  • Predictive analytics integrating environmental data and insect population modelling.

If you are an applied researcher interested in contributing to a more sustainable future for biological control in broadacre crops contact us today!