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Biocontrol solutions for silverleaf whitefly in cotton.


Biocontrol solutions for Helicoverpa in corn.


Biocontrol solutions for damaging aphid pest populations in canola.

The Crop Capsules Company is an Australian-based pioneer in large-scale biological control, providing growers with effective options to incorporate beneficial insect releases into their pest management strategies. We specialise in the rapid distribution of beneficial parasitic wasps to suppress pest insects using a biodegradable capsule specifically engineered to maximise wasp health, survival and reproductive activity. We are on a mission to give farmers the choice to use creative, cutting-edge biocontrol solutions to enhance their crop health, reduce reliance on chemical insecticides and promote eco-friendly farming. Join the movement!

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Biology in a Ball


CottonCAP® capsules contain 500 parasitic wasp pupae (Eretmocerus hayati) proven to suppress silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) populations.


CanolaCAP® capsules contain a mix of 3 species of parasitic wasp pupae to suppress mixed aphid populations in canola.


CornCAP® capsules contain 3500 parasitic wasp pupae (Trichogramma pretiosum) proven to suppress damaging caterpillar pest populations (e.g. Helicoverpa armigera & punctigera) in corn.

Video by CottonInfo

Watch this video to learn about inoculative releases of beneficial insects: a proven way to manage silverleaf whitefly in broadacre crops.

Inoculative releases of beneficial insects are a form of biological control that involves the strategically timed release of a pest’s natural enemies before the pest population reaches harmful levels. Biological control can help reduce pest populations without the need for harsh, disruptive chemistry and won’t trigger secondary pest flares.

Our capsules are compostable

Designed and manufactured in Australia

Applied using light aircraft