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Biocontrol solutions for Silverleaf Whitefly in cotton.


Biocontrol solutions for Heliothis in corn.


Biocontrol solutions for damaging aphid pest populations in canola.

The Crop Capsules Company is an innovative Australian biological control business, with a commitment to improved yields, quality, grower profitability and the environment delivered using leading edge science.

We specialise in the rapid application and distribution of beneficial parasitic wasps, a proven solution for the control and suppression of damaging populations of pest insects.

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Biology in a Ball


CottonCAP® capsules contain 500 parasitic wasp larvae proven to suppress and control silverleaf whitefly populations.


CornCAP® capsules contain 3,500 parasitic wasp larvae proven to suppress and control damaging caterpillar pest populations in corn.


CanolaCAP® capsules contain a mix of 3 specices of parasitic wasp larvae proven to suppress and control mixed aphid populations in canola.

Video by CottonInfo

Watch this video to learn about inoculative releases of beneficial insects, a proven way to manage silverleaf whitefly in broadacre crops.

Inoculative releases of beneficial insects are a type of biological control involving a carefully timed release of natural enemies of a pests beginning to take hold in your a crop.

Biological control can help reduce pest populations without the need for harsh disruptive chemistry.



"I've been using Crop Capsules for a while now, and I'm really impressed with how well they work. I've been able to reduce my reliance on chemical pesticides, and my cotton crops have been healthier and more productive than ever."

"Crop Capsules are a great product to work with. The capsules are easy to load and apply, and the results are excellent. My customers are very happy with the way that Crop Capsules have helped them to suppress Silverleaf Whitefly populations in their cotton crops."

"Crop Capsules are a significant innovation in the field of biological control. The system is effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly. I am confident that Crop Capsules will play an important role in the future of sustainable agriculture."

Our capsules are compostable

Designed and manufactured in Australia

Applied using light aircraft