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When is the best time to use CottonCAP®?

Oct 4, 2023

CottonCAP® applications work best as a pre-emptive inoculative event against silverleaf whitefly.

“The best suppression of pests from biological control agents occur when the agent arrives at the same time or shortly after the pest”

Successful SLW suppression occurs when CottonCap® capsules are applied around first flower. SLW enter the crop at this time attracted by the cotton plants increasingly sugar rich sap. Under hot and dry conditions population numbers can increase rapidly. An early application of CottonCAP® promotes a rapid second and third generation of beneficials that can overwhelm rising pest numbers.

  • Crop stage: CottonCAP® are most effective when applied to low populations of silverleaf whitefly before rapid increase of the population in crops.
  • Insecticide use: If applying insecticides to control other pests, growers need to consider product selection and application timing to protect their investment in a population of E.hayati wasps.

By following these guidelines, growers can ensure that they are using CottonCAP® at the most effective time to protect their crops from silverleaf whitefly.