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What is CottonCAP®?

Sep 4, 2023

CottonCAP® is a biological pest control solution that uses a proprietary capsule containment and application system to deliver a breeding population of beneficial wasps into cotton crops. The wasps, Eretmocerus hayati, are natural predators and parasitoids of Bemisia tabaci, (Silverleaf whitefly – SLW), a major pest in cotton crops.

Using a light aircraft equipped with a precision applicator, capsules are applied at between 1 – 3 per hectare at overall coverage rates in excess of 500 Ha per hour. Predictive software geo-references each capsule with a set of reportable, traceable co-ordinates including data on application time, and environmental conditions at the point of placement. Agronomists and growers can directly monitor pest population suppression as beneficial wasp populations build.

1 – 3 days post capsule application, male and female beneficial hayati wasps emerge from the protective capsule. They mate quickly and the female wasp departs, actively seeking out the immobile nymphs of the pest SLW that are often hidden on the under-surface of the leaf.

A single female wasp can parasitise more than 100 whitefly nymphs and consume more than 50 in her lifespan.
The use of CottonCAP® has been shown to be an effective way to control silverleaf whitefly populations. Over the past four seasons, users of CottonCAP® have reduced their use of traditional chemical insecticides to control SLW populations by up to 90%.

CottonCAP® key benefits:

  • Effective at controlling silverleaf whitefly populations
  • Safe for humans and other beneficial insects
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Field trial proven

If you are a cotton grower, I encourage you to learn more about CottonCAP®. They are a great way to protect your crop from silverleaf whitefly damage.